Me… Continued

So junior high was pretty normal for me, the town I live in only had one school, I grew a lot in this period of my life. I had my first girlfriend, first kiss, was exposed to drugs for the first time in my life, made new friends and hit that awesome point in my life called puberty.

All in all my two years in junior high was pretty average. High school though was a much different experience. I was so nervous on my first day of high school, looking back now it’s funny because there really wasn’t anything to be afraid of. I don’t know if I thought I was going to be picked on, or not have friends or what would happen. But it was fine, I survived, I saw my friends after I was dropped off. After a few months I tried out for the soccer team and made it. I was so happy, I definitely wasn’t the best, but I think my heart and work ethic helped me.

Nothing great happened my freshman year, made some more friends and had lots of experiences for the first time in life. Things really started changing in my sophomore year when my brother came to high school with me. I played soccer again and he also made the team. He had more talent and was quite obviously the better player. In hindsight probably not the best idea that we were on the same team because we looked out for each other and protected each other if someone tackled one of us. When the season ended is when the realities of the real world hit our family.

My brother was kicked out of school for having weed on him. I had to find out through a rumor going around after break. I was mad that I didn’t hear it from my parents. What made matters worse was that we were leaving that day for our spring break to visit our family out in Vegas for a few days. Imagine that awkward car drive. He was transferred to a school in the next city over and my brother/my family now had a reputation. Although I was pretty much the opposite of him. I had smoked a few times, but it had never really appealed to me, I also had only drank maybe once or twice at that point in my life.

Turning 16 and getting my drivers license was a huge accomplishment for me. I soon became the school bus for all my friends(whom later were not my friends). I quit playing soccer after my sophomore season as I didn’t like my coach. I then really focused on getting good grades and skateboarding. It seems that skateboarding was all I did and that mattered to me. This is also when I became more into music, and movies and really started developing a personality……